Thursday, February 26, 2009

Warm Winter

IMG_8445Tonight the weather was so nice (82 degrees) that we went out and ate dinner out by the pool.  Papa brought home a fun treat for you…dates.  You LOVE dates.  These dates, however, weren’t pitted so Papa had to take out the pits for you.

IMG_8444 These dates were BIG, and next thing we knew, you had stuffed the whole thing in your mouth!  You couldn’t even close your mouth b/c it was so big.  Talk about a big old dog bite!

IMG_8454 The pool water was actually nice and cold, but not too bad so I stuck my feet in.  I love you, my little Autumn Bug.

IMG_8460 You’ve been on a booger picking kick lately.  You think it’s so funny when I say, “Eww!  Gross!”  You’ve even started coming over and trying to wipe your nose on me.  SICK!  You picked a booger and tried to go over and give it to Mimi and she freaked out and you thought you were so hilarious.

IMG_8467 You found your favorite outside toy…a broom.  You were going around sweeping the patio and thought you were hot stuff.  You even did a few twirls w/ the broom.

IMG_8469 I love this look.  “Yes, I know I’m cute…and???”

IMG_8474 After sweeping you wanted to go and feed Gigi.  You aren’t scared of her and all and she is finally starting to warm up to you.  You just went and sat on the ground w/ Papa outside of her little dog house she stays in.  You kept trying to feed her w/ your hand, but she wanted a lot more than what your little hand could hold, so she went straight for what was in the pan.

IMG_8477 After that, it was time to head over to the fort.  Papa said you fell off the stairs the other day while you were out there playing, so now he is putting some hand rails on there!  You are the most loved little girl ever, and you have Papa wrapped around your little finger.

IMG_8478 After that, it was over to the garden.  You took Papa’s finger and led him in there.  Then you took Mimi’s finger and led her into the garden.  Then you came and got my finger and led me into the garden.  You can’t go anywhere w/out your little entourage.  You were so cute and helped Papa to pick some onions.

IMG_8484 After being outside and feeding Gigi, it was definitely time for a bath.  You have the cutest little facial expressions.  Look at that precious smile!

IMG_8488 After your bath  you proved even more that you have Papa wrapped around your little finger.  You got him to give you a foot/leg massage w/ lotion.  You are such a lotion fiend.  I am so glad that you are surrounded by so many adults that love you so much.  I hope someday you realize and appreciate how great we have it.

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