Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dancing Rose

IMG_8353 Tonight after daycare/work you demanded that you be allowed up on the counter.  I’ll usually let you sit up on the counter while I am getting dinner ready, b/c otherwise you are holding onto my legs and I almost trip.  I soon found out the main reason you wanted to get up on the counter…you wanted to smell the roses.

IMG_8354 They have gotten prettier the longer they’ve had to bloom.  They are so full and gorgeous right now.  It’s nice to see that you appreciate nature and things of beauty just as much as I do.

IMG_8357 Lately when we go pick Alison up in the morning, I’ve had the same CD in the car.  One day you were super fussy, so while we waited for Alison to come out, I put on the song “Don’t Know Why I Didn’t Come” by Norah Jones.  I reached back and held your hand and sang it to you, and it calmed you right down and you actually tried singing along w/ me after a while.  So, that is now “our song”.  As soon as we pull into Alison’s driveway, you start grunting, which I have come to figure out means you want me to play “our song” and you always insist that I reach back and hold your hand and sing it to you.

Tonight I was messing w/ my laptop and you wanted my attention, so you kept coming over and grabbing my hand from typing.  I have itunes on my laptop, so I decided to play “our song” and you stood on the table while munching on some Pringles and you and I danced to “our song”.  It was exactly what I needed after a rough day.  You bring me such happiness and joy and unconditional love.

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