Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ghetto Diaper Princess

IMG_8530 Today when you got up from your nap I was changing your diaper.  You went to grab the new diaper just as I did, and the little tab on the side ripped.  Diapers are expensive, so I decided you were still going to wear it, so I just taped it up w/ some black tape.

IMG_8534 You looked so pathetic w/ your diaper all taped up like that, but you didn’t care and just wanted some mangoes.  LOL!

IMG_8543 After that, you were playing w/ your dolls and you found your princess hats from your birthday.  You put one on and then wanted me to wear the other one.  You were in such a silly mood.

IMG_8544 We decided to go w/ a ghetto theme and even wear our hats off to the side.  You had a mango in your mouth and stuck it in front of your teeth so you look like you have an orange grill!  LOL!

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